Dr Jun Yang

Dr Jun Yang is a clinical endocrinologist with a passion for basic science acquired during her doctoral years in the Cardiovascular Endocrinology Laboratory at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research. She graduated from Monash University with a MBBS (Hon) in 2001, obtained the FRACP in 2010 and completed her PhD in 2013 where she identified ligand- and tissue-selective coregulators of the mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) under the mentorship of Professor Peter Fuller, Dr Colin Clyne and Dr Morag Young. She has since received continuous post-doctoral awards from the RACP, ESA, Heart Foundation, High Blood Pressure Research Council and various philanthropic bodies to continue basic and clinical research in the field of MR-driven cardiovascular disease. She established the Endocrine Hypertension Service at Monash Health to streamline the diagnosis and management of primary aldosteronism, and collaborates both nationally and internationally to improve the detection and understanding of MR-mediated diseases. She is currently an Early Career Research Fellow at Monash University and Hudson Institute, and strives to enhance the culture of “bedside to bench, and vice versa” translational medicine to allow the integration of cutting edge science into day-to-day clinical practice.

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