Professor Jacqueline Center

Prof Jacqueline Center qualified as an endocrinologist in 1993, obtained a Master of Epidemiology in 1995 and a PhD in 1999.  She is currently a Senior Staff Specialist Endocrinologist at St Vincent’s Hospital and leads the Clinical and Epidemiological Studies Group in the Bone Biology Division of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, spending 50% of her time in clinical care and 50% in research.

She has been working on clinical and epidemiological studies related to osteoporotic fracture and its outcomes for over 20 years and has been one of the principle researchers in the Dubbo Osteoporosis Epidemiology Study. She has pioneered work on consequences of fracture including the high risk of re-fracture and premature mortality and effect of medication on mortality that has resulted in international collaborations throughout Europe, Canada and the US. She is also involved in several clinical studies including the effects of bariatric surgery on long term bone outcomes. She has co-authored over 100 publications in international journals.

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